Our Begging Tradition

To provide for the needs of the aged poor, Saint Jeanne Jugan walked the roads of France seeking alms. She was recognized by the begging basket she carried. She asked for money as well as food, clothing, wood, wool or whatever was needed for the Home.

Today, we Little Sisters carry on this tradition of “begging” by going to area businesses daily, seeking food and commodities to offset operating expenses. And, like Jeanne Jugan, we trust in God’s Providence to provide for us (through generous benefactors) and do not have any endowment or fixed income.

Jeanne thanked her benefactors by praying for them, and today’s Little Sisters happily continue this practice by praying for all those that share in our mission. A Mass is offered once a month, as well, for their intentions.

With care and medical costs rising and Medicaid covering only a portion of the costs of care, we Little Sisters must raise a significant percentage of Jeanne Jugan Center’s annual operating costs this way. It is with great joy and gratitude that we go on our collecting rounds, inspired by the generosity and kindness of those that make our mission possible.

Sr. Benedict, in 1945, returning from a day’s rounds of collecting in New Orleans. Sister begged for a total of 57 years, including 22 at the Kansas City home.