Meet Our Family

“Virginia and I have both been volunteering with the Little Sisters since the 1970’s – first in the Home at 53rd and Highland, and now at their current location. I get so much out of volunteering! It makes me feel good to see the Residents’ faces light up when I greet them.”

Anne Kurtenbach (front), shown with friend and fellow volunteer Virginia Scaletty

“I am so thankful to be starting a new phase in my life here. It will be exciting and rewarding. Words cannot begin to convey my innermost feelings about my new home. The beauty and serenity here are so overwhelming, makes my heart sing and my eyes fill up with joyful tears. Everyone is wonderful here. I go to bed smiling, looking forward to each new day. I knew in my heart that God had one more change in life for me, and this is it.”

Sondra Williams, Apartment Resident

“Little Sisters of the Poor is a great community. We find that working with the Sisters and the Residents is very interesting and rewarding. We are very blessed to be volunteers and members of the Association of Jeanne Jugan.”

Bill and Janice Bass